How Do I Start?

No software is required to download.  All you need is the ability to access the web and posibly JRE v1.5 or higher if you need to upload files.  Both applications are typically found on computers for use with other applications. If you need to upgrade your version of JRE, click here.

To get started, you need to setup a username and password on the system.

1. Click the link in the e-mail you received from Paylocity or go to following URL:

2. Click on the Registration link.

Step 2

3. Fill out the form information like the example below.

Step 3

4. Once you register, your login information is activated. Go ahead and login. Ignore the “Domain” field

Step 4

If you ever forget your password, hit the “Forgot your password?” link and you will be greeted with a simple password reset screen. Just fill out the information and you will be able to reset the password. (NOTE: Your secret answer is also case sensitive)

Step 5