Transferring Data Securely With Paylocity

Updated: October 6th, 2008

Purpose of the Exhibit

Document transfer in payroll organizations is a mission critical operation. A tremendous amount of data is produced daily and all of it needs to be kept secure with a clear audit trail. This is even more important when sending information outside the organization. Implementation has little control of messages sent outside the boundaries of a private network. Ensuring that the document is viewed by its intended recipient, or if it even reaches the recipient, is difficult if not impossible with conventional email. Paylocity recognizes the importance of data security to protect the information and assets of our clients and to comply with all Federal and State laws and regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

Email is the most prevalent method of business communications and yet the least secure. Prying eyes can intercept email passed through the Internet. As such, Paylocity is continuously working to develop data security tools, awareness and training throughout our organization.

What Information Needs to be Protected?

Certain types of information can only be released to the subject of the information and to those at the client who have a legitimate need-to-know. This data includes:

•Social security number
•Birth date
•Home phone number
•Home address
•Health records
•Citizen visa code
•Veteran and disability status

The following types of information are generally available to the public but should be considered when sharing:

•Job titles
•Job description
•Education and training
•Previous work experience
•First and last employment
•Work location
•Work phone number
•Badge number
•Payroll time sheets
•Employee ID
•Email / Telephone

What Tool Does Paylocity Utilize?

Paylocity has chosen to Biscom File Delivery to ensure the safe and secure transmission of client sensitive data. Biscom is an intelligent file delivery platform that enables a web-based method to send files, documents, and messages securely while maintaining a complete transaction and audit trail of the deliveries. Benefits include:

•More secure than FTP and e-mail
•Faster than courier services
•Guaranteed delivery with enforced authentication and receipts
•Complete audit trail for compliance and reporting

Files of any size and type are securely stored to a specific Paylocity server, and email notifications are sent to recipients notifying them that a delivery is waiting.

How Does It Work?

Paylocity’s secure file works in three simple steps:

1.  A sender creates a "package" of files and enters the email addresses of one or more recipients.
2.  Recipients are notified of their secure file delivery through an email message with an embedded hyperlink.
3.  Recipients sign in to Biscom Delivery Server at Paylocity and download their files.

Below is a graphical representation of the process: